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Sorties with finding aids (43,805)

Finding aids are catalogued in several ways. For areas outside the UK, our finding aids are catalogued at 10-minute box level - this is a box of 10-minutes of latitude and longitude. For areas within the UK, finding aids are catalogued at polygon level - this is a shape showing the footprint of the whole sortie.
E.g., 03 Aug 2020
E.g., 03 Aug 2020


SortieDateFinding aidsort descendingPreview
M/116/S307 (87 images)8 Jul 1941SCOT M_UK_1160
M/080/D309 (69 images)22 Sep 1942SCOT M_UK_1409
M/062/241H (21 images)9 Mar 1941SCOT M_UK_1429
M/027/WL10 (315 images)4 Jul 1942SCOT M_WL_0010
OS/68/0093 (0 images)25 Apr 1968SCOT OS_01_02
OS/68/0047 (0 images)11 Apr 1968SCOT OS_01_02
OS/68/0094 (0 images)25 Apr 1968SCOT OS_01_02
OS/68/0050 (0 images)12 Apr 1968SCOT OS_01_02
OS/67/0176 (0 images)12 Jun 1967SCOT OS_01_03
OS/67/0077 (0 images)27 Apr 1967SCOT OS_01_03
OS/67/0259 (0 images)1 Jul 1967SCOT OS_01_03
OS/67/0021 (0 images)8 Apr 1967SCOT OS_01_03
OS/67/0129 (0 images)2 Jun 1967SCOT OS_01_03
OS/67/0072 (0 images)25 Apr 1967SCOT OS_01_03
OS/67/0181 (0 images)13 Jun 1967SCOT OS_01_03
OS/67/0240 (0 images)18 Jun 1967SCOT OS_01_03
OS/67/0244 (0 images)17 Jun 1967SCOT OS_01_03
OS/67/0256 (0 images)1 Jul 1967SCOT OS_01_03
OS/67/0296 (0 images)2 Aug 1967SCOT OS_01_03
OS/67/0019 (0 images)4 Aug 1967SCOT OS_01_03