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Sorties with finding aids (43,689)

Finding aids are catalogued in several ways. For areas outside the UK, our finding aids are catalogued at 10-minute box level - this is a box of 10-minutes of latitude and longitude. For areas within the UK, finding aids are catalogued at polygon level - this is a shape showing the footprint of the whole sortie.
E.g., 23 Mar 2019
E.g., 23 Mar 2019


SortieDateFinding aidsort descendingPreview
OS/65/0234 (0 images)29 Sep 1965SCOT OS_04_04
OS/65/0142 (0 images)17 Jul 1965SCOT OS_04_04
OS/65/0137 (0 images)16 Jul 1965SCOT OS_04_04
OS/65/0233 (0 images)28 Sep 1965SCOT OS_04_04
OS/64/0221 (0 images)26 Sep 1964SCOT OS_04_05
OS/85/0216 (0 images)24 Sep 1985SCOT OS_04_05
OS/80/0041 (0 images)10 May 1980SCOT OS_04_06
OS/71/0488 (0 images)1 Jan 1902SCOT OS_05_01
OS/70/0083 (0 images)7 May 1970SCOT OS_05_01
OS/69/0148 (0 images)23 May 1969SCOT OS_05_01
OS/70/0075 (0 images)1 May 1970SCOT OS_05_01
OS/71/0093 (0 images)24 Apr 1971SCOT OS_05_01
OS/71/0481 (0 images)1 Jan 1971SCOT OS_05_01
OS/71/0093 (0 images)24 Apr 1971SCOT OS_05_02
OS/71/0117 (0 images)1 May 1971SCOT OS_05_02
OS/71/0486 (0 images)7 Sep 1971SCOT OS_05_02
OS/71/0250 (0 images)29 May 1971SCOT OS_05_02
OS/63/0238 (0 images)2 Oct 1963SCOT OS_05_03
OS/71/0092 (0 images)24 Apr 1971SCOT OS_05_03
OS/71/0384 (0 images)19 Jun 1971SCOT OS_05_03