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Sorties with finding aids (43,689)

Finding aids are catalogued in several ways. For areas outside the UK, our finding aids are catalogued at 10-minute box level - this is a box of 10-minutes of latitude and longitude. For areas within the UK, finding aids are catalogued at polygon level - this is a shape showing the footprint of the whole sortie.
E.g., 23 Mar 2019
E.g., 23 Mar 2019


Sortiesort descendingDateFinding aidPreview
10/KE/0001 (0 images)-DOS PLD_000110
10/KE/0004 (0 images)-DOS PLD_000110
101/NG/0002 (0 images)-DOS PLD_000867
101/NG/0005 (0 images)-DOS PLD_000876
101/NG/0005 (0 images)-DOS PLD_000867
101/NG/0005 (0 images)-DOS PLD_001254
101/NG/0009 (0 images)-DOS PLD_001254
101/NG/0009 (0 images)-DOS PLD_000876
101/NG/0010 (0 images)-DOS PLD_000867
101/NG/0011 (0 images)-DOS PLD_000876
101/NG/0011 (0 images)-DOS PLD_001263
101/NG/0011 (0 images)-DOS PLD_001254
101/NG/0013 (0 images)-DOS PLD_001254
101/NG/0013 (0 images)-DOS PLD_000867
101/NG/0014 (0 images)-DOS PLD_001263
101/NG/0015 (0 images)-DOS PLD_001254
101/NG/0016 (0 images)-DOS PLD_000876
101/NG/0016 (0 images)-DOS PLD_001254
101/NG/0017 (0 images)-DOS PLD_000876
101/NG/0017 (0 images)-DOS PLD_001263