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NCAP Features

The Cotswold Way

Colour aerial photography of the Cotswold Way National Trail

Cotswold Way National Trail

Saving the DOS Collection

Rescuing aerial photographs of the Commonwealth.

The Directorate of Overseas Surveys (DOS)

Surveying the Commonwealth.

The Skåne Line - Protecting Sweden's Coastline

Aerial images reveal elements of Sweden's defences during the Second World War.

All Scotland Survey

Complete cover of Scotland in 1987-1989.

All Scotland Survey image of Edinburgh, 1988

The National Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale (NIIRS)

A scale for rating the quality of imagery.

NIIRS - The National Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale

Bucharest Bombing Decoy

Aerial photos unmask a decoy railway station near Bucharest, Romania.

Bucharest bombing decoy site

Photo Friskets

Interpreting title strips on aerial photographs.

Friskets and aerial photo title strips

Commando Country

Second World War commando training areas in Scotland.

Commando Training Area

NATO Target Reporting Categories

NATO standards for reporting air reconnaissance targets.

NATO Target Reporting Categories

Cold War Scotland

Aerial images of Cold War sites in Scotland.

Thames Path National Trail

Colour aerial photography of the Thames Path National Trail.

Aerial photography of the River Thames Path National Trail

Suez Crisis

Aerial photography from Operation MUSKETEER, November 1956.

RF-84 Thunderflash, Suez, 1956

Camouflage, Concealment and Deception

Disguising military targets during the Second World War.

Luftwaffe over Scotland

German aerial reconnaissance photographs.

Luftwaffe aerial photo of the Forth Bridge

Operation CROSSBOW

Aerial photographic hunt for German secret weapons.

Edinburgh from the Air, 1951

Stunning low-level oblique aerial photographs of Scotland's capital city in 1951.

Tripoli Under Siege

Aerial photographs of the Libyan capital in 1942.

Hiding Scotland's wartime industries

Camouflaged facilities in Scotland during the Second World War.

US Navy Aerial Photography

Aerial photographs of Scotland and North-West England from the 1960's.

Leith docks