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Hébert; Lower Normandy; France

Frame details

Date: 06 June 1944
Location: Hébert; Lower Normandy; France
Coordinates (lat, lon): 49.391920, -1.222455
Description: On D-Day, four 105mm artillery pieces were hidden in the hedgerow on the west side of the sub-triangular field at image centre. They had escaped discovery by aerial reconnaissance and were considered to be a threat to UTAH Beach and the causeways leading inland from the beach. Accordingly, thirteen men of Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, led by Lieutenant Richard Winters, were ordered to attack and destroy these guns at Brecourt Manor. Their actions were later brought to public attention in the book and television series Band of Brothers.
Sortie: US30/4066
Frame: 1076
Image type: Vertical
Scale: 12500