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New batch of finding aids released

A new batch of sortie plot finding aids has been released and is now accessible on the NCAP website. These sortie plots record the coverage of 405 aerial reconnaissance missions flown throughout western Europe during the Second World War. Also released are 637 Photo Lay-down mosaics of areas of Africa, created by the Directorate of Overseas Surveys. 


NCAP holds over 7 million catalogued aerial photographs of western Europe and Scotland in its care. With this latest release, over 944,000 of these photographs are now accessible through the NCAP website. More finding aids will be digitised and released in January 2015.  


With a Zoomable Images & Finding Aids subscription, these sortie plots can be zoomed and panned, allowing subscribers to locate and identify undigitised aerial photographs of their areas of interest. Copies of these photographs can then be ordered for further study, from as little as £3.50.


To see what has been made available so far, Browse by Map to your area of interest and click on 'See finding aids in this area'.

17 December 2014