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Zoomable images now available

View online images at higher resolution with our new zoomify feature, available with a website subscription.


Anyone can use the NCAP website to search for online images of their area of interest. With a home user website subscription, however, you can now search for online images and then view them at higher resolution. The zoomify feature for subscribers allows all of our online images to be viewed at four levels of magnification, allowing even greater detail to be seen.


In the selection of images presented in our zoom sample gallery, you can see some examples of this feature: look into the streets of Copenhagen and see crowds of people cheering the victory parade on VE-Day, zoom into the deserted streets of Hamburg, devastated by heavy bombing raids or magnify Edinburgh and see trams running along the city streets in 1946. A 12-month website subscription costs £15 plus VAT for home users and also provides access to online city mosaics. 

11 November 2010