Image Sales

Buying online images

To buy an image visible on the website, simply add it to your basket by clicking the "Buy" button on the image thumbnails or individual record pages. Personal-use purchases are £8.25 (+VAT) per online image, supplied at 300 dpi resolution.

Once you are satisfied with the images in your basket, please complete sections 2 and 3 of the order form and click the "Order Now" button. We will then email you a Licence Agreement with full details of your order including the price. Once you have accepted our licence terms and completed your payment you will be able to access and download your purchased images.

To buy a website image at resolutions higher than 300 dpi, please use the Image Order Form.


Images not yet online

We hold over 26 million aerial photographs, most of which have not been digitised and uploaded to the website. If you wish to purchase an image that is not yet online, and you have the image reference number, please use our Image Order Form and we will digitise the image for you. Prices for private and personal use are published below.

If you don't know the image reference number, you can find it by buying a subscription to view online Finding Aids, requesting a Search Report or Visiting Us.


Price List - image with licence for personal use

Image on website - 300 dpi £8.25
Digital image - 300 dpi £30
Digital image - 600 dpi £40
Digital image - 1200 dpi £50
Digital image - 1600 dpi £60
Digital photogrammetric image (higher than 1600 dpi) £95
Sortie Plot / Print Lay Down £30
Remote storage record retrieval fee (per tin/box) £3.50
Paid Search fee / Handling Fee (per 15 minutes) £15
Research-quality copy - 72dpi - first frame from sortie £3.50
Research-quality copy - 72dpi - subsequent frames from sortie £0.50
Digital Prints (up to 1m x 6m) Price on application
Letter of Authenticity £30

All prices are valid from 1 October 2014 and exclude a record retrieval fee and VAT. All digital imagery supplied contains an invisible watermark, unique to each customer and traceable to them.

Orders of up to 20 items take 15 working days, once the order is confirmed and payment is made. Our express service delivers in 5 working days at double the prices above. We will confirm your order by email, tell you the exact price and give you the opportunity to continue or cancel.

We supply digital images in TIFF format at various resolutions. To help you decide which resolution is best for your needs, please download our Resolution Examples. Please note that oversize images (e.g. GX Mosaics) are only available at 300 dpi, for technical and conservation reasons.

Pixel and file sizes will vary depending on the physical size and format of the original image but guideline dimensions for a 229mm x 229mm panchromatic original are:

  • 300 dpi (2800 pixels wide) 8Mb
  • 600 dpi (5600 pixels wide) 32Mb
  • 1200 dpi (11200 pixels wide) 132Mb


Price-List - licence for re-use of images

Publication 1/4 Page 1/2 Page Full Page Double Page Front Cover
Non-commercial leaflet, booklet, journal £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £10.00 £15.00
Commercial journal, brochure £25.00 £35.00 £50.00 £75.00 £100.00
Commercial magazine £50.00 £75.00 £100.00 £150.00 £200.00
Books (print or e-book) - one country, one language £25.00 £35.00 £50.00 £75.00 £100.00
Books (print and e-book) - one country, one language £37.50 £52.50 £75.00 £112.50 £150.00
Books (print or e-book) - world, one language £50.00 £75.00 £100.00 £150.00 £200.00
Books (print and e-book) - world, one language £75.00 £112.50 £150.00 £225.00 £300.00
Books (print or e-book) - world, multiple languages £75.00 £100.00 £150.00 £200.00 £300.00
Books (print and e-book) - world, multiple languages £112.50 £150.00 £225.00 £300.00 £450.00
Newspapers - regional £25.00 £35.00 £50.00 £75.00 £100.00
Newspapers - national £50.00 £75.00 £100.00 £150.00 £200.00
Report - low circulation £15.00 £15.00 £15.00 £15.00 £15.00
Television - all with 7-day online archive, repeats charged at 50% Price
One country - per flash (single use within one production) £60.00
One country - 5 years unlimited broadcast £190.00
One country - 10 years unlimited broadcast £390.00
World - per flash (single use within one production) £120.00
World - 5 years unlimited broadcast £290.00
World - 10 years unlimited broadcast £590.00
Website and Apps Price
Non-commercial, 450px @ 72dpi, 1 year £10.00
Non-commercial, 450px @ 72dpi, 5 years £15.00
Commercial - illustration, 450px @ 72dpi, 1 year £10.00
Commercial - advert or subscription, 450px @ 72dpi, 1 year £50.00
DVD/CD/Product Merchandising Price
Non-commercial DVD/CD £0.00
Commercial DVD/CD £70.00
Product Merchandising £150.00
Exhibition Price
Non-commercial, temporary and free £0.00
Non-commercial, permanent and free £15.00
Commercial, with entry fee (1 year) £25.00

All prices are valid from 8 May 2015 and exclude VAT and the cost of the image.

Digital Imaging

Every year we digitise thousands of aerial images for our customers and website.

NCAP Subscriptions

We offer two levels of paid-for subscriptions.  


Zoomable Images allows you to zoom and pan all of the aerial images visible on the website. See some sample images.


Zoomable Images and Finding Aids allows you to zoom and pan an ever-growing number of Finding Aids as well as the aerial images. Finding aids are maps showing the geographic area covered by each photograph within a sortie or mission. Use them to identify and order copies of photographs that have not yet been digitised.


Subscriptions are available for Personal or Commercial/Institutional use.



Letter of Authenticity

Prove the date a photograph was taken with a Letter of Authenticity.


Add this to your image order and our aerial photographic experts will gather key information to provide you with factual and unbiased evidence about your image. This can include:


  • the precise date and time a photograph was captured
  • the altitude of the aircraft
  • the focal length of the camera lens
  • the unit or company which took the photograph
  • the method and resolution of digitisation