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Record Movement

NCAP cares for over 26 million historical aerial images, which are housed in over 120,000 boxes of prints and tins of photographic film. 



NCAP records are housed at a commercial records storage facility in central Scotland. Records are regularly recalled for digitisation, inspection and re-housing.
Each record has a unique barcode identifier, linked to a database. This allows us to track the movement of individual items from their storage location to the public search room or digitisation suite.
We take great care to ensure that records are logged at each location so that we can find them again in an efficient manner.
To protect film tins and print boxes when moving them between locations, we place them in tough plastic transit crates. These crates are also barcoded, and a database records which boxes and tins are contained within each crate.

Transit crates are stacked and moved from room to room on wheeled dollies.