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Following the advice of UK and Scottish Governments, NCAP has returned to limited operations. Orders for not-yet-digitised aerial imagery are subject to revised delivery timescales.

Chaire, Étang de la; Prov. Luxembourg (B); Belgium

Frame details

Date: 26 December 1944
Location: Chaire, Étang de la; Prov. Luxembourg (B); Belgium
Coordinates (lat, lon): 49.932576, 5.670962
Description: NARA Catalogue
Oblique aerial photograph taken facing North East.
At 0900 on 26 December 1944, troops of the 2nd Btn 318th Infantry left positions just north of Chaumont, advancing northwards with elements of 4th Armored Division, towards Grandrue. Woods 1,000 yds north of Grandrue were cleared and consolidated; the gap between Bastogne and the relief columns was now reduced to just 4000 yds. Lead elements made contact with US units in Bastogne early the following day, and finally broke the siege of Bastogne on 28 December. This image shows snow-covered fields pock-marked by numerous mortar craters. Vehicle tracking in fields indicates the route and position of armoured vehicles moving towards woodblocks north of Grandrue.
Sortie: US31/3857
Frame: 0036
Image type: Oblique