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Following the advice of UK and Scottish Governments, NCAP has returned to limited operations. Orders for not-yet-digitised aerial imagery are subject to revised delivery timescales.

River Garnock; Stevenston; AYRSHIRE; SCOTLAND

Frame details

Date: 19 May 1943
Location: River Garnock; Stevenston; AYRSHIRE; SCOTLAND
Coordinates (lat, lon): 55.619370, -4.721650
Description: Vertical aerial image of the Ardeer explosives works, Ayrshire. While duty-bound to assess the appearance of this plant from the air, there is little that the Camouflage Directorate could have done to conceal a site of this size. Lying on a peninsula betw
Sortie: CAM/038
Frame: 12879
Image type: Vertical
Scale: 12600