Paid Image Search

What is a Paid Image Search?


We hold over 26 million historical aerial photographs. Only a small proportion has been digitised and uploaded to our website. By requesting a Paid Image Search, you can ask us to search our catalogued holdings for not-yet-digitsed aerial imagery on your behalf.


We conduct the search required to fulfil your request and provide you with a Search Report which includes research-quality images of your Area of Interest, when surrogate copies are available (surrogate copies are not available for England, Wales and Northern Ireland). We charge £15 (+VAT) per 15 minutes for this service. We always supply a quotation and require payment before starting a search.


Our catalogue lists each grid square covered in part by an individual sortie. When we cannot find any cover of your precise Area of Interest within a particular grid square, we will refund 50% of your search fee.


Paid searches must be submitted through our Paid Search order form.


We cannot undertake a search without detailed geographical and date-range information. For detailed guidance on what is required please consult our Paid Search guidelines.


An example Paid Image Search


See an example of a Paid Search report for images from 1944 of an area in Lent, The Netherlands.  This search took 90 minutes to complete and would therefore cost £90 (+VAT).

Example kmz file

Example image featured in the search report at 300ppi


Service standards

Our standard service takes 15 working days. Our express service takes 5 working days and is charged at double the standard price.

About our image sales

Did you know that you can purchase digital images online?


Simply locate your image and click "buy". Images ordered for personal-use can be accessed immediately after payment.



NCAP Subscriptions

We offer two levels of paid-for subscriptions.  


Zoomable Images allows you to zoom and pan all of the aerial images visible on the website, at 300 ppi resolution. See some sample images.


Zoomable Images and Finding Aids allows you to zoom and pan an ever-growing number of Finding Aids as well as the aerial images. Finding aids are maps showing the geographic area covered by each photograph within a sortie or mission. Use them to identify and order copies of photographs that have not yet been digitised.


Subscriptions are available for Personal or Commercial/Institutional use.