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Netherholm; Forteviot; PERTHSHIRE; Scotland

Frame details

Date: 12 December 1940
Location: Netherholm; Forteviot; PERTHSHIRE; Scotland
Coordinates (lat, lon): 56.333355, -3.510535
Description: Military Activity. Elements of a Company of infantry soldiers moving westward in column formation in section groups along a minor road between a wooded hillside and arable field. One soldier at the east end of the column may be mounted on a motorcycle. A group of four soldiers positioned between two Platoon-strength groups may be a Command or machine-gun support group. On a minor road south of the woods, two civilian buses are observed in column, facing south.
Sortie: M/006/614E
Frame: 5837
Corporate bodies: 614 Squadron (RAF)
Image type: Oblique