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Following the advice of UK and Scottish Governments, NCAP has returned to limited operations. We are now able to process orders for not-yet-digitised aerial imagery, to revised delivery timescales.

Air Units

1 Camouflage Unit (RAF)225 Squadron (RAF)543 Squadron (RAF)Federal Surveys Department (Nigeria)
1 Mobile Field Photographic Section (RAF).226 Squadron (RAF)544 Squadron (RAF)French Air Force (Armee de l'Air).
1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit (1PRU)22nd (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)57 Squadron (RAF)Geonex Ltd.
1(H)11 (GAF).231 Squadron (RAF)58 Squadron (RAF)German Air Force (Luftwaffe)
104 (Photographic Reconnaissance) Wing (RAF)23rd (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF).59 Squadron (RAF)Graham Collins Associates (GCA).
105 Squadron, RAF.241 Squadron (RAF)5th (Photographic Reconnaisance) Group (USAAF)Hansa Luftbild
106 (Photographic Reconnaissance) Group (RAF)25th (Bombardment) Reconnaissance Group (USAAF)5th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)Heston Flight
106 (Photographic Reconnaissance) Wing (RAF)26 Squadron (RAF)5th Combat Mapping Squadron (USAAF).Historic Environment Scotland (HES).
107 Squadron (RAF)268 Squadron (RAF)60 Squadron (SAAF)HMS Eagle (RN).
107th (Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)26th (Bombardment) Squadron (USAAF).614 Squadron (RAF)HMS Hecate (RN)
109th (Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)27th (Bombardment) Squadron (USAAF).63 Squadron (RAF).HMS Hecla (RN)
10th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Group (USAAF)27th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)654th (Bombardment) Reconnaissance Squadron (USAAF).HMS Herald (RN)
111th (Tactical Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF).28 Squadron (RAF).680 Squadron (RAF)HMS Hydra (RN)
113 Squadron (RAF).28th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF).681 Squadron (RAF)HMS Pegasus (RN).
114 Squadron (RAF).3 (Bomber) Group, RAF.682 Squadron (RAF)Hunting Surveys Ltd (HSL).
12 Air Experience Flight (RAF).3 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit (3PRU)683 Squadron (RAF)Infoterra Ltd.
12 Squadron (RAF)3(F)22 (GAF).684 Squadron (RAF)J A Story Ltd (JAS).
120 Squadron (RAF)309 (Polish) Squadron (RAF)69 Squadron (RAF)JAS Photographic Limited
125 Squadron (RAF)30th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)736 Naval Air Squadron (RN)Kampsax A/S.
128 Squadron (RAF)31 Squadron (RAF).764 Naval Air Squadron (RN)Maritime Operational Training Unit (RAF).
12th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)31st (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)7th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Group (USAAF)Meridian Airmaps Limited (MAL).
13 Squadron (RAF)32nd (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)8 Operational Training Unit (RAF)NAGr 8 (GAF).
1370th Photo Mapping Group (USAF).336 (Photographic Reconnaissance) Wing (RAF)802nd (Reconnaissance) Group (USAAF).Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).
139 Squadron (RAF)33rd (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)819th (Bombardment) Squadron (USAAF).North African Photographic Reconnaisance Wing (NAPRW)
13th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)347 (Photographic Reconnaissance) Wing (RAF)82 Squadron (RAF)NRSC Ltd.
140 Squadron (RAF)34th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)8th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Wing, USAAF.Ordnance Survey (OS)
1401 (Meteorological) Flight (RAF).366th (Bombardment) Squadron (USAAF).98 Squadron (RAF).Photoair Limited
1409 (Meteorological) Flight (RAF).37th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)98th (Bombardment) Squadron (USAAF).Photoair Limited
1434 (Photo Survey) Flight (RAF).38th (Bombardment) Squadron (USAAF).9th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF).Photographic Development Unit (PDU)
14th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)39 Squadron (RAF)ADAS Ltd.Photographic Reconnaissance Force (PRF)
153 Squadron (RAF)392nd (Bombardment) Squadron (USAAF).Aero Pictorial LtdPlanning & Mapping Limited
155 Squadron (RAF)3rd (Photographic Reconnaissance) Group (USAAF)Aerofilms LtdRoyal Air Force (RAF)
155th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)3rd (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF).African Aero Service LimitedRoyal Australian Air Force (RAAF)
15th (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)4 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit (4PRU)Air Survey CompanyRoyal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)
16 Squadron (RAF)4 Squadron (RAF)Air Survey Division (Tanganyika).Royal Navy (RN)
160 Squadron (RAF)4(F)14 (GAF).Aircraft Operating Company.Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF)
161st (Tactical Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF).400 Squadron (RCAF)Astral Aerial Surveys Limited.Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)
168 Squadron (RAF)409 Squadron (RCAF).BKS Surveys LtdScottish Office Air Photographs Unit (APU)
17 Squadron (RAF)414 Squadron (RCAF)Bomber Command (RAF)Scottish Office Air Photographs Unit (formerly Air Photograph Library)
171 (Photographic Reconnaissance) Wing (RAF)42nd (Bombardment) Squadron (USAAF).Canadian Aero Service LimitedSecret Intelligence Service (SIS)
18 Squadron (RAF)430 Squadron (RCAF)Capital Air Surveys Ltd.Simmons Aerofilms Ltd (SAL).
18th (Bombardment) Squadron (USAAF).431st (Bombardment) Squadron (USAAF).Cartographical Surveys Ltd (CSL).SIS Flight
2 Camouflage Unit (RAF)464 Squadron (RAAF)Clyde Surveys Ltd (CLY).South African Air Force (SAAF)
2 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit (2PRU)47 Squadron (RAF)Coastal Command (RAF)Spartan Air Services Ltd.
2 Squadron (RAF)487 Squadron (RNZAF)Cooper Aerial Surveys (CAS).Survey of Kenya
2(H)21 (GAF).5 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit (5PRU)COWI A/S.SwedeSurvey AB
201 Squadron (RAF)5(F)122 (GAF).Directorate of Overseas Surveys (DOS)United States Air Force (USAF)
205 Squadron (RAF)52 Squadron (RAF)East Lowlands Universities Air Squadron (RAF).United States Army Air Force (USAAF)
21 Squadron (RAF)540 Squadron (RAF)Edinburgh Air Centre LtdUnited States Navy (USN)
212 Squadron (RAF)541 Squadron (RAF)ER 4/33 (AdlA).USAAF Eastern Command.
21st (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron (USAAF)542 Squadron (RAF)Fairey Surveys Ltd (FSL).VAP-62 (USN)