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Police Investigation


NCAP aerial photography has been used by several divisions of Police Scotland when reviewing cold cases and in long-running investigations.


In the intervening years since the date of an incident, a crime scene may have been landscaped, built on or removed. NCAP aerial imagery of locations of interest, photographed on specific dates, has been used by detectives to understand the wider context of a crime scene at the time of the incident, to test observations and statements made at the time, to check lines of sight and to examine access and egress routes to and from the crime scene.



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Boundary Disputes

Our aerial photography of Scotland spans 80 years, making it a useful tool in boundary litigation in Scotland.

Land-use Change

Our historical aerial images can aid in the analysis of past land use and contamination.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

Historical aerial photographs are an essential tool for locating unexploded ordnance.