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Meet the NCAP Team


The NCAP team are aerial photograph specialists who curate and develop one of the world's largest and most significant collections of aerial photography. Please use the Contact Us page if you would like to get in touch.


Dr Allan Williams - Curator

Dr. Allan Williams
Head of NCAP
Allan has led the growth and development of NCAP since January 2002. A Town Planning graduate of Heriot-Watt University, he worked in public service before his appointment to manage the collection, which was then based at Keele University.  Working with the Ministry of Defence on the declassification of millions of aerial photographs, he has been responsible for greatly increasing accessibility and use of the collection. Through an entrepreneurial business approach - and despite the five-fold growth of the collection to more than 26 million images - operational and development costs are funded through commercial enterprise. The use of historical aerial photography by the European bomb disposal industry has been of strategic importance in achieving this.
An authority on the history of Photographic Intelligence (PHOTOINT), Allan was research consultant for the landmark BBC documentary Operation Crossbow, in collaboration with the Medmenham Association.  Allan has provided consultancy services to documentary and film-makers including Timewatch (BBC), The Lost Evidence (Flashback TV / History Channel), 3D Spies of WW2 (PBS), Deutschland von Oben (ZDF), Foyles War: Plan of Attack (ITV), D-Day in 3D (Discovery Channel), D-Day: The Last Heroes (BBC), and has appeared regularly on television and radio.
Allan was co-author of the 2010 publication Above Scotland Cities.  In May 2013 the Random House Group published his book Operation Crossbow. In February 2014, English Heritage published Aerofilms: A History of Britain from Above, a book co-authored by Allan that features oblique aerial photography taken by the pioneering aerial-survey company.   Allan graduated with a PhD in Intelligence Studies from the University of Edinburgh, in November 2016, that analysed the role of photographic intelligence during the Second World War.


Susan Hallsworth - Business Development

Susan Hallsworth
Business Development Manager

Susan is responsible for driving the expansion of NCAP; creating and managing partnerships with a range of educational institutes, businesses, agencies and organisations within the UK and internationally. Her role includes overseeing sales and marketing.


Previously Susan worked within the private and public sectors focusing on business growth and led joint ventures and major projects for national and international organisations, specifically in property, construction, regeneration and the arts.



Kevin McLaren - Imagery Analysis

Kevin McLaren
Interpretation Manager



Kevin is an Imagery Analyst with sixteen years experience working with aerial photography.  A graduate in geology from the University of Edinburgh, he began his career in aerial photography following the transfer of the Scottish Office Air Photographs Unit to RCAHMS in 1993. Experienced in the cataloguing and plotting of aerial photography, he has co-authored three volumes on aerial photography of Scotland.


Kevin qualified as an imagery analyst at the UK armed forces Joint School of Photographic Interpretation. He undertakes imagery interpretation work, manages customer services and leads the development of content for the NCAP website.




Alan Potts - Imagery Production

Alan Potts
Digital Imaging Manager

Alan is a technical photographer with 25 years work experience in the public and private sectors and is responsible for the long-term programmes of digitisation at NCAP, that make our historical aerial photography accessible. Skilled in film processing techniques, fine art copying and the operation of rostrum cameras, Alan is the winner of a Kodak Gold Award. An expert in digital imaging techniques and image enhancement - to exhibition and publication standard - his work features in the award-winning Above Scotland and Above Scotland Cities publications that showcase NCAP aerial photography.


Alan was central to the design and engineering of bespoke rostrum camera systems used for the NCAP surrogate digitisation programme, which makes imagery accessible on the NCAP website. He is responsible for managing programmes of ultra-high resolution digitisation using NCAP's suite of photogrammetric scanners. Alan has a lifelong interest in the history of flight and aviation photography.




Ruta Gauld - Geoinformation and Imagery Production

Ruta Gauld
Digital Imaging Coordinator

Ruta is responsible for processing customer orders for images and the physical preservation, digitisation and cataloguing of aerial photography and finding aids. A history graduate from the Vilnius Pedagogical University, Lithuania, Ruta has worked at NCAP since 2008. Ruta has created a large proportion of the geographical centrepoint information which powers searches for imagery on this website, allows the aerial imagery to be geographically linked to place name gazetteers, and viewed in Google Earth.




Sam Martin

Sam Martin
Production Manager

Sam assists with the processing of large-volume orders for ultra-high resolution photogrammetric images. He joined NCAP in 2010 and has created most of the digital imagery featured on the NCAP website, especially those images copied for, and featured in, the BBC documentaries Operation Crossbow, broadcast in May 2011, and D-Day: The Last Heroes, broadcast in May 2013. 




David Buice - Customer Services


David Buice

Records Coordinator

David welcomes visitors to the Search Room and provides them with assistance in navigating the finding aids. He undertakes searches of our catalogued holdings to service customer requests for Paid Image Searches and is responsible for administering the licensing and delivery of copies of images ordered by customers.
David previously served in the US Army in Germany and Iraq, and also worked as a professional blacksmith in Germany and the UK before joining NCAP in 2012.




Anne Gumbrell - Digitisation Assistant


Anne Gumbrell

Digital Imaging Coordinator

Anne is responsible for the digitisation of historical aerial imagery to service commercial orders. She joined NCAP in 2015, after completing an MSc in Information and Library Studies at Robert Gordon University.
Anne studied art and photography at Edinburgh College of Art and has catalogued historical archive material at the National Museums of Scotland. She also has six years experience of commercial digitisation and image processing in the private sector. 




Catherine Mylles - Digitisation Assistant


Catherine Mylles

Digital Imaging Technician

Catherine is responsible for the digitisation of historical aerial imagery to service commercial orders. She joined NCAP in 2015, after completing a Masters Degree in Landscape and Environment History at the University of Edinburgh.
Previously, Catherine studied Fine Art at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design and the University of the Highlands and Islands, and worked in bookshops in Dundee, Oxford, York and Belfast. 







Key uses of the archive

NCAP imagery is used for many different purposes.   Our case studies outline some of these uses,  including:


Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)
Land use change
Boundary dispute
Police investigation


Creative Uses

NCAP works with documentary makers and software designers around the world.

Paid Image Search

We offer a Paid Search service of our catalogued archives.


Commision a paid search and we will provide you with a detailed Search Report, which includes research-quality images of your Area of Interest.