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Cagny; Picardy; France

Frame details

Date: 29 September 1944
Location: Cagny; Picardy; France
Coordinates (lat, lon): 49.870333, 2.348068
Description: Oblique aerial photograph taken facing South West.
This aerial photograph was digitised for the BBC documentary Operation Crossbow. In the days and weeks following the D-Day landings in Normandy, France, on 6 June 1944, Allied bomber forces ranged deep into occupied France, attacking lines of communication and supply. Railway junctions and marshalling yards were heavily bombed to prevent German reinforcements being sent to stem the Allied advance. One of the key railway hubs targeted was at Amiens. The junction at Longueau, to the south-east of Amiens, escaped attack until the night of 12/13 June 1944 when 200 bombers were sent to destroy it.
Sortie: 106G/3133
Frame: 0020
Image type: Oblique