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Colour aerial images of Scottish beaches released

A collection of 8,283 oblique aerial photographs taken during an aerial survey of beaches in Scotland has been released on the NCAP website. The images were taken by Edinburgh Air Centre Ltd, over 7 consecutive weekends from July to September 2003.


Covering locations from Golspie to Eyemouth on the east coast, and Inverkip to Southerness on the west coast, the images were taken to allow the Scottish Executive (now Scottish Government) to assess the number of beach users as well as to identify popular beaches not designated as bathing waters for the purposes of the EU Bathing Water Directive (76/160/EEC).


Beaches were grouped into 5 geographical areas and each was photographed 6 times during the survey. The survey observed over 38,000 people using Scottish beaches, with around one third of them using beaches not designated as Bathing Waters.


View Scottish Beach Survey images in Google Earth

28 October 2013