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NCAP featured on Planetopia, the German science and technology programme

The recent discovery of a 100kg bomb near Berlin Hauptbahnhof - the city's Central Station - has brought into focus the enduring legacy of unexploded ordnance from the Second World War. Around 15 unexploded British, American or Soviet bombs are found and defused in Berlin each year. One of the main sources of information on their location is historical aerial photography. The Planetopia feature includes an interview with NCAP Curator, Allan Williams, who explains our work supplying high-resolution aerial imagery to the German bomb disposal industry.


The latest Berlin bomb was dropped by a Soviet aircraft during the Second World War and had lain undiscovered for 68 years - just 20 feet from a railway track. After evacuating people from nearby buildings, delaying trains and diverting flights into a nearby airport, a bomb disposal team defused and removed the bomb to a remote site where it was detonated. The Planetopia programme was aired on 8 April 2013.

9 April 2013