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Virtual Search Room for Scotland

Our entire catalogue of aerial photography of Scotland can now be searched online, following a new release of over 390 finding aids. This batch unlocks access to a further 90,000 Ordnance Survey aerial photographs of Scotland, dating from 1954-1969. 


Until now, total knowledge of where and when aerial photographs were taken in Scotland has only been accessible in the Search Room or by ordering a Paid Image Search. Now, subscribers to Zoomable Images & Finding Aids can see all of our catalogued finding aids for aerial photography of Scotland on the NCAP website.


Our finding aids allow researchers to find over 1 million not-yet-digitised aerial photographs of Scotland. These photographs were taken from 1944-2009 by government agencies and commercial companies, including the Royal Air Force and Ordnance Survey. With our entire catalogue for Scotland online, private and commercial researchers can now carry out their searches from home or office.

24 August 2016