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NCAP Features

US Navy Aerial Photography

Aerial photographs of Scotland and North-West England from the 1960's.

Leith docks


Aerial photographs of Scotland during the Second World War.


Using aerial photography in Scottish schools.


Operation GOODWOOD

The British armoured breakout from Normandy.

Operation GOODWOOD

Geology of Scotland

Aerial photography of geological features.

Geology of Scotland

The Destruction of Freiburg

Aerial photographs a bomb-damaged German city.

Mulberry A

Aerial photography of storm-damaged artificial harbour.


3D aerial images.

South German Airfields

South African aerial reconnaissance of German jet airfields.

Neuburg airfield

Finding German Warships

Aerial reconnaissance of German warships in Norwegian fjords.

Transport Plan

Amiens rail junction devastated by D-Day bombing.

Operation REVUE

Post-war aerial survey.

Preparation for Flight

Camera clearing shots.

PR Spitfire

Layers of cover

Multi-temporal aerial cover of Scottish locations.

Supporting Operation TORCH

Monitoring warships in Barcelona and Toulon.

Strike Wings

Anti-shipping operations over Norway.

Strike Wings

Targets in Thailand

Aerial photography of Bangkok and the Kwai bridge.

Democracy Monument, Bangkok

Erased Landscapes

EU project reveals lost landscapes in Poland.

Archaeolandscapes Europe

The Cotswold Way

Colour aerial photography of the Cotswold Way National Trail

Cotswold Way National Trail

The South Downs Way

Colour aerial photography of the South Downs Way National Trail.

Aerial photography of South Downs Way National Trail